Shopping ideas

On vacation, there is sometimes time to buy more than just everyday necessities. The Palatinate has special offers here in and around Ruppertsberg:

Hofgut Ruppertsberg: In fact our neighbour is recognizable from quite a distance by its Buerklin-Wolf label on its roof. The cheese counter alone is worth a visit, but there are also quiches and baked goods of all kinds, which enhance, for example, dinner in the apartment.

• Fruit and vegetable shopping in Meckenheim: In the Speierlingshof in Meckenheim, you can buy all kinds of vegetables and, in season, asparagus. Vegetables are offered in Ralf Gross’s farm at the entrance to Meckenheim

Luthier Jens Ritter knows how to build guitars to your specifications. He has celebrity clientele from George Benson to Prince.

• Tea shop  (“Die Tee-Gaertner”) Schoenfeld, quite near from us. Mittelgasse 23 • 67152 Ruppertsberg