The Palatinate is a frequently written page in the history of Europe: Kelts and Romans, the Staufer, Liselotte of Palatinate and finally Helmut Kohl to name a few. Many castles and towns like Worms, Speyer, Heidelberg or Mannheim with old and scenic buildings  await your visit. Mainly in southern Palatinate, but also close by Ruppertsberg, you find castles or ruins.

Some recommendations for viewings and trips:

Speyer with cathedral and jewish cemetery
Worms with its cathedral. Worms and Speyer are part of the UNESCO SchUM.
Mannheim with the Reiss Engelhorn Museum or the recent ’Bundesgartenschau’
Heidelberg with its historic center

There are plenty of events in Palatinate, not only wine festivals Moreover, you are offered concerts, galleries, museums and theaters. You find a good survey here.